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Sysload Software , was a computer software company specializing in systems measurement , performance and capacity management solutions for servers and data centers , based in Créteil , France . It was acquired in September 2009 by ORSYP , a computer software company specialist in workload scheduling and IT Operations Management, based in La Défense , France .


Sysload was created in 1999 by Loan Solutions, a developer of financial software and Sysload Software, a developer of performance management and monitoring software.


The following products are developed by Sysload:

SP Analyst
Is a performance and diagnostic solution for physical and virtual servers. It is a productivity tool destined to IT teams to diagnosis performance problems and manage server resource capacity.
SP Monitor
A monitoring solution for incident management and IT service availability. It aims at providing real-time management of IT infrastructure events while correlating them to business processes. SP Monitor receives and stores event data, makes correlations, and groups them into customizable views which can be accessed via an ordinary web browser.
SP Portal
System manager allocation and allocation of resources for information systems.

Sysload products are based were 3-tiered (user interfaces, management modules and collection and analysis modules) architecture metric collection Technology That Provides detailed information on large and complex environments. Sysload software products are available for various virtual and physical platforms including: VMware , Windows , AIX , HP-UX , Solaris , Linux , I-series , PowerVM , etc.


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