Mixlink  (Mixlink II) is a computer with Agfa scales.  [1]  It was developed to facilitate the calculation of color mixes.

Technical characteristics

Mixlink contains the Intel 80386 processor with the clock that can be set to 9.2 or 33 MHz. The RAM size is 640 kB. The HDD function is served by the built-in flash memory that has the size of approximately 800 kB. Mixlink has the monochrome display .

Mixlink is also staffed with CD drive and floppy drive .


Mixlink was intended for use with floppy and CD disk , which provides the system environment and the application for calculating color mixes. However, it is possible to install and run MS-DOS on Mixlink.

Currently, Mixlink computers are not used; their functions can only be performed by personal computers (PCs) .


  1. Jump up^  “Good Mixture – MIXLINK taken over from Agfa” . Retrieved September 26, 2005 .

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