Mini STX

Mini-STX (aka Mini S ocket T echnology E X tender, Intel 5×5) is a motherboard form factor supports That upgradable processors. Size-wise, it’s in between Intel’s NUC (next unit of computing) motherboards and Mini-ITX boards that are popular in small form-factor builds.

Comparisons with NUC

When compared with NUC , the Mini-STX form factor:

  • Has nearly twice the footprint of NUC.
  • Has processor sockets, allow for users to upgrade or replace processors.
  • Offers the possibility of dedicated GPUs via MXM (on some models produced by ASRock ).
  • May have more I / O options available on the back of the board.

Comparisons with Mini-ITX

When compared with Mini-ITX , the Mini-STX form factor:

  • Has a footprint 3/4 the size of Mini-ITX.
  • Is usually limited to SO-DIMMs , rather than full-size DIMMs .
  • Lacks a full-size PCIe expansion slot, limiting users to MXM or less powerful GPUs, integrated GPUs and APUs.
  • May have less I / O options due to the reduced space available on the back of the board.
  • May use a 2-in-1 SATA + power cable instead of separate SATA and power cables.



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