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Football Live to collect and use the system and to use the sport . At the time of its operation, more than 99% of all football statistics across Print, Internet, Radio & TV Media Outlets would have been collected via Football Live.


Prior to the implementation of Live Football, the press release is a press release for each club calling the Press Association, relaying information on Teams, Goals and Half-Time & Full Time.

The basis for Football Live is a representative of the Press Association (FBA – Football Analyst) at every ground. Throughout the whole match they would stay on an open line on a mobile phone, constantly relaying in real time statistical information for every:

  • shot
  • Foul
  • Free Kick
  • Goal
  • Cross
  • Goal Kick
  • Offside

This information would be entered in real time and passed to our media customers.

The Football Live project was in use from Season 2001/02 until the service was taken over by Opta in 2013/14

Commercial Customers

The most famous use for the Football Live data was for the Vidiprinter services on the BBC & Sky Sports, allowing goals to be viewed on TV screens within 20 seconds of the event happening.

League competitions

From its inception in 2001/02 season, the following leagues / competitions were fully covered by live football

  • English Premier League
  • Championship
  • League One
  • League Two
  • Conference
  • Scottish Premier League
  • English FA Cup
  • English Football League Cup

Football Analysts

During the early development stages, the initial idea was to be used as an ex-referees to act as Football Analysts, but this was soon dismissed in favor of ex-professional Footballers. The most famous of which were Brendon Ormsby, Mel Sterland , Jimmy Case , Imre Varadi . All the FBA’s are supplied by the Professional Football Association (PFA), with day-to-day responsibility lying with Paul Allen [1] and Chris Joslin [2] from the PFA.


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