Lenovo Erazer X700

The  Lenovo Erazer X700  is a desktop computer designed for gaming and other high-performance computing tasks.


The Erazer X700 was announced by Lenovo at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas . It launched in May 2013 with a starting price in the United States of $ 1,499.  [1]



The Erazer X700 has a highly stylized case that  TechRadar  said “the extraterrestrial material that comes from folks like Alienware .”  TechRadar  added, “On the outside, the Erazer X700 looks like a new design from Prometheus.” It’s all blue lights, with the engine button labeled Engine start in blue LED, it’s your call the X700 is more racecar than spacecraft, but no sci-fi nightmare, there are some functional touches among the glowing glamor.  [1]

Specifications and performance

The Erazer X700 is powered by Intel’s i7 processor. The X700 can be configured with either dual GeForce GTX660 video cards or a single AMD Radeon HD 8950 video card. Up to 16GB of RAM DDR3 is supported. Users can choose standard configurations with 2TB or 1TB hard drive with sufficient 4TBs of hard drive capacity.  [1]

The X700 has what Lenovo calls “OneKey” overclocking ability that can be activated with a single box-mounted button. This functionality is supported by the Erazer X700’s internal liquid cooling system. The X700 has USB ports and headphone jacks like other PCs but also has connections for six displays.  [1]


In his review of the x700  TechRadar  said, “Our playtime with the Erazer X700 was limited, but we got the chance to fight the battlefield. and rig maintained the intense framerate needed for to control an F / A 18 jet on a strafing run. ”  TechRadar  also stated, “We’re intrigued to see Lenovo enter the gaming space with a dedicated rig.” It’s not exactly Dell’s acquisition of Alienware, but it’s an exciting start. ”  [1]

In a review for  TechSpot  Rick Burgess wrote, “DESPITE icts faults, the Erazer’s sharp-looking custom box, liquid cooling, X79-based motherboard, dual-graphics option, removable storage trays and overclocking all manage to plant one foot welded firmly in gamer country The X700 can comfortably handle modern titles at 1920×1080 and high / ultra settings and most features enabled … as long as you do not mind turning off MSAA The possibility of adding a second GTX 660 GPU for SLI gaming also helps future proofing the X700. ”  [2]

In a review for  PC Magazine  Brian Westover wrote, “The Lenovo Erazer X700 is a Fairly Good entry-level gaming desktop in icts own right, aim Unlike competing systems, it aussi boasts liquid cooling, easy overclocking, and plenty of Opportunities to dip has toe into the murky waters of upgrading and tweaking PCs. ”  [3]

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