Integrated Geo Systems

Integrated Geo Systems (IGS) is a computational architecture system for managing geoscientific data through systems and data integration .

Geoscience often involves large volumes of various data which have been processed by computer and graphics intensive applications . The processes involved in processing these large datasets are often so complex that no single software applications can perform all the required tasks. Specialized applications have emerged for specific tasks. To get the required results, it is necessary that all applications software involved in various stages of data processing, analysis and interpretation.

IGS provides a framework for maintaining an electronic workflow between various geoscience software applications through data connectivity.

The main components of IGS are:

  • Geographic Information Systems as a front end.
  • Engine for data connectivity link between various geoscience software applications. The format engine uses Output Language Input (OIL) , a language to define various data formats.
  • An array of geoscience relational databases for data integration.
  • Data Highways as internal data formats for each data type.
  • Specialized Geoscience Software Applications as processing modules.
  • Geoscientific Processing Libraries

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