Cyber ​​manufacturing

Cybermanufacturing is a concept derived from cyber-physical systems (CPS). Basically, it refers to a modern manufacturing system that offers an information-transparent environment to facilitate asset management, provide reconfigurability, and maintain productivity. Compared with conventional knowledge-based management systems, cyber manufacturing provides an evidence-based environment to keep equipment users up to date. Driving technologies include the design of cyber-physical systems, a combination of engineering and computer science, and information technologies. Among them, mobile applications for manufacturing is an area of ​​specific interest to industries and academia. [1]


The idea of ​​Internet-enabled services has emerged from the Internet as a tool for business, music, consumer products, transportation, and healthcare. However, they are less easily accessible and less accessible in real-time. Besides, current manufacturing enterprises make decisions following a top-down approach: This will usually lead to inconsistency in operation management due to lack of linkage between factories, possible overstock in spare part inventory, as well as unexpected machine downtime. Such situation calls for connectivity between machines as a foundation,decision making . Expected functionalities of cybermanufacturing systems include machine connectivity and data acquisition, machine health prognostics, fleet-based asset management, and manufacturing reconfigurability.


Several technologies are involved in developing cyber-manufacturing solutions. The following is a short description of these technologies and their involvement in cyber-manufacturing.

  • Cyber-physical system is the foundation of cyber-manufacturing. Tools and methods within CPS enables the possibility of reaching cyber-manufacturing goals. For example, the recently proposed “5C” [2] architecture for implementing cyber-physical systems in manufacturing, utilizes cyber-twins to overcome geographical boundaries of local models and enable a comprehensive fleet -based monitoring and prognostics of manufacturing enterprise.
  • Big Data Analytics is the other significant technology participating in the design and development of cyber-manufacturing systems. Connected machines in every industry The issue of proper data handling and processing and cyber-manufacturing is not an exemption. Customized developments in cloud computing , artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are applicable in cyber-manufacturing.


In 2013 the Office of Naval Research in the US Military has issued a proposal solicitation for cyber-manufacturing. [3] Later in 2015, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a research project for developing cyber-manufacturing systems to the Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS) at the University of Cincinnati .

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